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To use this Portal, you need to create and verify an account. This is a simple process that should take only a few minutes. You need a valid email address to complete this step. Create a unique username and use it to access your account after verification.

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Create Orders

Once you login into the Portal, you will have access to the ordering features. These can be initiated by clicking the Orders tab on the Side Menu and selecting the order type. The features will allow you to create or update orders accordingly.

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Manage Orders

After placing your order(s), a table will be generated to display the order details. Use the Manage feature to retrieve order details. You can add order items, make payments, post comments, upload/download files etc.


Use the messaging tools to send or receive private messages to and from the team you are working with. You can also post messages and submit files related to a certain order using the Post a Comment feature. This feature can only be accessed from the order record page.

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